Clongs - Blue

Clongs - Blue

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Dreamfarm's click-lock tongs are designed to curve in the right places to avoid mess hitting the deck and counter tops. Especially with the bend in the handle germs stay out of your food when using to serve. 

It only takes one hand to open your clongs with it's clever click-to-open and click-to-lock.

They have a silicone tip making it friendly towards gripping food without leaving a scratch. 


  • Product code: DFCL1235
  • Materials: Stainless steel/ Premium-grade silicone
  • Dimensions:L30 cm x W4.7cm
  • Colour: BLUE
  • Weight: 0.180kg
  • Special notes:
    • Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant to 260°C
    • Hang-card packaging
    • Includes a button to open and lock the tongs
  • Dishwasher safe